California’s Higher Education System and the Common Core State Standards
A Collaborative Policy Project funded by a grant from the National Governor’s Association

The overarching goal of the project is to establish a structure and process for coordinating higher education’s transition to the Common Core State Standards. This project brings together a State Team representative of the Governor’s Office, Legislature, Department of Education, Commission on Teacher Credentialing, and four higher education systems. Their work centers around three priority areas:

1. Assessment
2. Educator Preparation and Professional Development
3. Undergraduate Education

Intersegmental teams of experts are convened to advise the State Team with regard to the priority areas.

The project is managed jointly by the California Education Round Table Intersegmental Coordinating Committee and the California State Board of Education.

State Team
Name Affiliation
Michael Kirst
President, State Board of Education
State Board of Education, Governor’s Administration
Nancy Brownell
Senior Fellow
State Board of Education, Governor’s Administration
Barbara Murchison
Administrator, Common Core Systems Implementation Office
California Department of Education
Das Williams
State Assemblymember and Chair, Assembly Higher Education Committee
Laura Metune, Chief Consultant, Assembly Higher Education Committee
State Legislature
Linda Michalowski
Vice Chancellor, Student Services and Special Programs
California Community Colleges
Beverly Young
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Teacher Education and Public Schools
Karen Y. Zamarripa
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Advocacy and State Relations
California State University
Nina Moore
Senior Director, P-20, Teaching, and Leadership
Steve Handel
Assistant Vice President, Undergraduate Admissions
University of California
Kristen Soares
Lynn Beck
Dean of the School of Education
University of the Pacific
Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities
Penny Edgert
Executive Director
California Education Round Table Intersegmental Coordinating Committee
Mary Sandy
Executive Director
California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
Kari Stewart
Consultant, Project Manager

Contact: Kari Stewart, Project Manager, at kari.stewart@stanfordalumni.org

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