The College Access Information Continuum (CAIC) initiative is conceptualized as part of the next generation of school counseling tools that can be used by all California students, their caregivers, and adults responsible for preparing children and youth to be successful academically and make data-driven decisions about college and careers. CAIC consists of College and Career Planning lessons that are designed to increase high school graduation and foster a college-going culture beginning in middle school.

The goal of the CAIC is to:
  • develop engaging student lessons and effective programs that inspire low-income middle and high school students to stay in school and meet high academic standards such that they are prepared for subsequent success in education or the workplace without the need for remediation in core academic disciplines; and,

  • create culturally and linguistically relevant Parent College and Career Planning modules so that all caregivers, particularly those adults of first-generation college-bound students, can participate as partners in planning for their student’s academic success.

The ultimate outcome of CAIC is to:
  • increase the number of low-income students in participating schools who demonstrate improvement on key high school success metrics, including
    • grade-level continuation rates;

    • mathematics and English proficiency rates;

    • high school graduation rates;

    • college preparatory course completion rates; and,

    • college-going rates

due to their greater knowledge about the student support and academic services available to them; and,
  • increase the number of families in participating schools positioned to assist their children to take the necessary steps to complete high school successfully and pursue postsecondary education so that these children will realize their full potential and make a greater contribution to their community and our society over the course of their lives.

  • Project components include materials and activities for:
    • middle and high school students;

    • parents and caregivers; and,

    • families.

This initiative has been supported, in large measure, by Corporate Partners, including Edison International and the AT & T Foundation through its Aspire Program. Additionally, our collaborating partners, especially in the El Monte area of Los Angeles, have been gracious in sharing their expertise and time to shape this initiative.

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